About UAB UniMerchants Baltic

On 12th August 2014 UniMerchants ApS opened a new office in Vilnius, Lithuania, creating UAB UniMerchants Baltic.

Ruslanas Kraucenka, who has several years of experience in international and Lithuanian grain and feedstuff trade, is employed as managing partner. UAB UniMerchants Baltic services the compound feed producers, trading houses, malsters and millers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine. Making the market transparent and building new business relations for our clients.

The main markets for UAB UniMerchants Baltic are:

  • The CPT market of grain and feedstuffs to Baltic ports for export.
  • The domestic Baltic market to compound feed producers and millers.
  • The FOB market from Baltic ports.
  • The import market to the Baltics from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.