Ruslanas Kraucenka

2007 - 2012                                                                                                                         

UAB Agrorodeo

Grain execution manager: Execution GAFTA contracts (FOB, CIF, DAP), commodities (grain, protein products)

Trader: Responsible for protein desk products trade, purchasing and selling, (origin South America, destination Belarus, Russia, EU), finding logistical solutions, export protein feedstuff  from Ukraine/Russia to EU. I'm qualified GAFTA trading rules and contracts specialist (completed GAFTA Distance Learning Program 6 modules).

2012- 2014                  

UAB AgroBirža
Director: Electronic broker for local grain producers (farmers, cooperatives) and exporters/millers.

Support and development internet system  

2014 - 

UAB UniMerchants Baltic



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