UniMerchants is a commodity broker within the international grain and feed industry. With offices in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Germany, we assist compound feed producers, trading houses, millers and malsters all across Europe, with trading, execution and logistics. 


The UM Academy Organic Summit

Our Organic Summit has been overwhelmed by interest, and we have now had to close for registration with 58 participants from 44 companies.



New Employment

It is a pleasure to announce that as per September 1st 2018 Morten Helsinghoff will join UniCorp as our new group CFO. Morten has a long and glorious career behind him.


New employment

It is a pleasure to announce that as of 1st May we have emplyed Mr. Jonas Ruus Pape as Junior Broker.                          




UniMerchants Academy

Join us to network & learn more about the organic market! 

We are now closed for registrations to our Organic Summit:

Organic is here to stay – what does the future bring?

November 22nd 2018 in Hamburg.

Please enjoy some of the highlights at this year's UM Academy in Cracow in May captured in this short film. 










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