The UM Academy Organic Summit

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Organic Summit overwhelmed by interest

Three years in a row UniMerchants has hosted a UM Academy in the spring in Poland. As UniMerchants is very active in the organic market we had for a long time toyed with the idea of organizing a mini summit focusing on topics relevant to the organic sector under the UM Academy umbrella. 

We had hoped for 50 participants and expected 30, but it quickly became apparent that there is a need for meeting other colleagues and companies to learn about and discuss the organic market. 

The UM Academy Organic Summit is now closed for registrations and we look forward - together with our sponsors - to welcoming 58 participants from the following 44 companies:


  • Aceites de Semillas, S.A.
  • Agerona SIA
  • AgriBio SRL
  • Agricensus
  • Agroecology pe
  • Albers Hansen Danmark A/S
  • Albers-Hansen GmbH
  • Baltic Agro AS
  • BARO Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG
  • Danish Agriculture and Food Council
  • Danish Agro
  • Daxin Kazakhstan
  • DF International BV
  • DLG Axelborg
  • ED Organics BV
  • ForFarmers / Reudink
  • FPT
  • Fr. Meyer's Sohn
  • GRAIN TRADE Pawel Malarz
  • GrainCorp Ukraine LLC
  • Hedegaard A/S
  • Kramerbräu Saaten und Öle GmbH
  • Lantmännen
  • Meelunie B.V.
  • Mulder Granen BV
  • Organic Denmark
  • Organic Trade from Ukraine (SP Makhnovets Mariia)
  • P. Krücken GmbH
  • Saxon Agriculture Ltd.
  • Scandagra management services
  • Schlüter & Maack GmbH
  • SV Organix GmbH
  • Svenska Foder
  • Tallage
  • Tattva Agri
  • UAB UniMerchants Baltic
  • UniMerchants ApS
  • UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH
  • UniMerchants Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Vestjyllands Andel AmbA
  • Wiru Vili TÜ

We are overwhelmed by the huge interest in the Organic Summit and extend a big thank you to Albers Hansen, BIOCORE, Fr. Meyer's Sohn, Lantmännen & SV Organix GmbH for sponsoring this event!

The UM Academy will be back with our next regular summit May 23rd 2019 in Hamburg. 


08-11-2018 06:00:00

The UM Academy Organic Summit

Organic Summit overwhelmed by interest Three years in a row UniMerchants has hosted
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New employment

It is a pleasure to inform you that as per September 1st 2018 Morten Helsinghoff