UniMerchants is a commodity broker within the international grain and feed industry. With offices in Denmark, Poland and Germany, we assist compound feed producers, trading houses, millers and malsters all across Europe, with trading, execution and logistics.

UniMerchants ApS



Since the company’s foundation 1st of May 2010, UniMerchants has worked as commodity brokers within the international grain and feedstuff industry.

Through many years of experience in this industry we have built up a large network of clients and business partners. Our clients are feedstuff producers, trading houses, malsters and millers in Europe, Black Sea Region and Asia as well as both North and South America within both conventional and organic grain and feedstuff trading and production.

Through a daily and intensive dialogue with our clients combined with our in depth market knowledge, we create and optimize business possibilities -bringing added value to our clients trading needs. Our finest job is to monitor and support our clients trades from idea until time of delivery.

“The green line” and philosophy of UniMerchants, no matter which office our clients trade with, is that our clients must feel comfortable when trading through us. Being comfortable and confident, that we are there to support until final execution no matter what.

UniMerchants is currently employing 13 dedicated and passionate people in 4 countries brokering about 1,2 mio. tons of commodities every year, which are transported with support from UniMerchants on truck, train, containers and bulk vessels all around the world.

… and now we look forward to doing business with you.

UniMerchants ApS

Our people

Søren B. Nielsen

+45 21 52 46 16

Jes Dahl Christensen

+45 27 50 14 70

Benita B. Nielsen

PA / Group Support
+45 21 85 50 70

Jonas Ruus Pape

Head of Organic Market
+45 61 39 32 39

Nicolai Robert Mogens Blach

Head of feed grain & by-products
+45 28 18 90 84

UniMerchants Polska sp. z o.o.



On the 1st April 2014 UniMerchants ApS opened a new office in Warsaw, Poland, creating UniMerchants Polska sp. z o.o.

Tomaz Sobkowicz, who has several years of experience in international and polish grain and feedstuff trade, is as trading manager responsible for the trading desk and all daily activities. UniMerchants Polska sp. z o.o. services the compound feed producers, trading houses, malsters and millers in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and East Germany. Making the market transparent and building new business relations for our clients.

The main markets for UniMerchants Polska sp. z o.o. is:

  • The delivered market of grain to Polish ports for export.
  • The domestic market to compound feed producers.
  • The export market to the east German compound feed producers, oil mills and ethanol producers.
  • The import market to Poland from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.


UniMerchants Polska sp. z o.o.

Our people

Tomasz Sobkowicz

Trading Manager
+48 605 184 784

Hubert Sarzyński

+48 881 565 454

Dominika Czerwonka

Execution Assistant
+48 781 284 830

UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH



On 1st August 2017 UniMerchants ApS opens a new office in Hamburg, Germany, creating UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH.

Tobias Doose, who has many years of experience in the German and international malting barley market, is employed as managing director. UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH services the malsters, trading houses, compound feed producers and millers in Germany, assists and builds new business opportunities for our clients.

The main markets for UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH are:

  • The domestic market of malting barley to the German malsters.
  • The domestic feed & milling grain market to compound feed producers and millers.
  • The FOB market from Baltic ports.
  • The import market from Eastern Europe to Germany together with our colleagues from UniMerchants Polska Sp. z o.o.


UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH

Our people

Tobias Doose

Managing Director
+49 151 58 796 165

Igor Nam

Commodity Broker
+49 176 67 293 788

Vlad Nam

Commodity Broker
+49 176 62 309 000

Michael Gey

+49 151 56 040 842


Our vision

Assist our clients with prosperous and eventless transactions.


Shape and dominate the international grain and feed industry.





Own it!

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Web: www.unimerchants.com

VAT No.: DK 32 67 50 93

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UniMerchants Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Słowackiego 22/10
PL-01-634 Warszawa

Tel.: +48 22 506 54 54

E-mail trading: tso@unimerchants.com
E-mail execution: plcontracts@unimerchants.com
Web: www.unimerchants.com

VAT No.: PL5213669698

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Bank: BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

For EUR transactions only:

IBAN: PL10 1750 0012 0000 0000 2365 0851


Zloty account: 07 1750 0012 0000 0000 2365 0711

UniMerchants Deutschland GmbH

Baumwall 7
DE-20459 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 228 61 783

E-mail trading: tdo@unimerchants.com
E-mail execution: decontracts@unimerchants.com
Web: www.unimerchants.com

VAT No.: DE313405124

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Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse

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