New employment

feb 18, 2019

It is a pleasure to inform you that as per February 18th 2019 Nicolai Robert Mogens Blach, 28 years old, will join the UniMerchants team as our new broker. Nicolai is an agricultural technician and holds a bachelor in Agriculture and Farm Business Management from Harper Adams University, UK.  Nicolai grew up on a farm and has five years’ experience as a farmer in New Zealand, UK and USA.  He comes from a position as Sales Trainee at BMG A/S.

Nicolai will be responsible for the Danish CPT grain market and By-products within UniMerchants.  The first couple of weeks Nicolai will spend on internal training and after that, he will start introducing himself.

We look very much forward to getting Nicolai onboard and are confident that Nicolai with his strong educational and practical background will contribute positively to the UniMerchants group.